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Located at the entrance to the Emerald Triangle, Emerald Pharms is something special in the world of cannabis providers. Nestled on the 12-acre “permaculture oasis”, with Real Goods and the Solar Living Center, we became the world’s first all-solar powered medical cannabis dispensary when we opened our doors in 2015. Our store is open to anyone 21 years and up (with valid ID) or to those 18+ with a medical recommendation. We also provide educational information for those exploring the grounds who are curious to learn more about the land and what we do.

Emerald Pharms is a one-stop resource for herbal medication, education, and relaxation. The ambiance within our store welcomes visitors with local art and relaxing decor. We specialize in locally grown, full spectrum CBD-rich and THC dominant cannabis products in various modes of administration.


We believe that cannabis is a key part of a deeper understanding of the unlimited healing potential of the plant kingdom. We specialize in holistic health practices that integrate other plant medicines, massage and energy therapy, and medicinal mushroom synergies. We provide an abundance of illuminative information and current research to all visitors.Continuing education enables us to best serve our clients, and is the main priority for everyone who works at Emerald Pharms. All of our employees have been trained by Project CBD, an organization that  was instrumental to the opening of our store. Our staff has also been enrolled in the Medicinal Cannabis Training and Certification program by Dr. Dustin Sulak. Along with the specialized focus that our staff provides each client, we also offer informative handouts to bring home or share with others.


Every product on the shelf is meticulously chosen and includes gluten free, vegan, and paleo options that are 100% organic. Our menu provides lab tested medicine complete with full terpene profiles for a wide variety of effects and experiences. Our product offerings include the highest quality edibles, topicals, tinctures, sublingual sprays, gel caps, strain-specific vape oil cartridges, as well as flowers and seeds. Our flower selection focuses on heirloom genetics and unique chemovars provided by local craft cannabis cultivators. We pride ourselves in offering a full array of products to meet any budget.


We have an open door policy for those who are curious about what we do and want to learn more. Our shop is based on the sensory experience. Within the global perspective shift regarding cannabis, design is an essential way to dispel programmed stigmas. Our unique interior layout is specially designed to showcase the holistic intention of medical cannabis dispensaries. We provide complimentary Guayaki yerba maté or other assorted teas as visitors peruse the shop. People are welcome to look at the shop’s offerings and then take a seat on the couches inside, enjoy the beautiful views on our deck, or walk around the exciting expanse of the property.


We work with folks in the local community to provide a place of knowledge, collaboration, and entertainment. Our permacultural property blesses us with the opportunity to host unique events. Visitors can attend the ongoing informative workshops and sustainability talks hosted by Real Goods and the Solar Living Institute. Our shop also organizes educational speaker series on cannabis and herbal medicine, product demos, cannabis focused art, and live music. We collaborate with local DJs, artists, and product producers to bring you the weekly Bud Bar on Fridays. Check out our events page for more information.
Reasons to Visit
  • Regional heirloom genetics 
  • Quality cannabis products 
  • Wide range of CBD therapeutics
  • Healthy, wholesome edibles
  • Patient assistance programs 
  • Charming, knowledgable staff 
  • Spacious outdoor deck ​
  • Exquisite views 
  • Educational events
  • Discounts for new patients
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