Solar living Center

Welcome to the Solar Living Center in Hopland, California, a twelve-acre demonstration site for renewable energy, green buildings, biodynamic gardening, and other sustainable technologies. Maintained by the non-profit Solar Living Institute, this unique educational enclave rests upon a former dumping ground, a lifeless, debris-ridden stretch that was restored and transformed into a lush landscape with soothing waterways and thousands of organically grown edibles, wildflowers, and ornamental plants.

Guided tours service a steady stream of guests from all over the world. Visitors typically spend several hours on the premises, exploring an unusual array of exhibits and features, including:
  • Oasis solar calendar & water fountain 
  • Artistic flow forms that cleanse and oxygenate water organically 
  • Children’s garden with exploding cucumbers and plants meant to be touched 
  • Grow-thru cars (huge trees growing through antique gas-guzzlers) 
  • Giant serpent horn sculpture 
  • Heart-shaped lily pond 
  • Bamboo tipi 
  • Fragrant thyme sundial 
  • Living conference room (with olive trees for walls and a six-ton rock table) 
  • Native medicinal plant walk 
  • Lavender labyrinth 
  • Aquaponics dome 
  • Classroom yurt for workshops on renewable energy, eco-design and cannabis 
  • Six-station bicycle generators Solar-powered 
  • Tesla car charging station
Founded in 1978, Real Goods specializes in solar power equipment, irrigation systems, organic fertilizer and soil amendments, and other tools for off-the-grid farming and sustainable living. This five thousand square foot straw bale eco-store stays cool in the summer because of its passive solar design and its creative use of recycled materials.